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Friends support Nadi with cash

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FNF president, Mohammed Irshad FNF president, Mohammed Irshad FRIENDS of Nadi Football Association in Canada have pledged monetary support to Nadi Football (Fiji) for its training and development programs.

FNF president Mohammed Irshad Liche told Sportsone today that the fans of the district are impressed with the development of youth players and they feel the need to help.

Irshad said the Friends of Nadi Football have all pitched in an undisclosed amount that would be handed to the NFA academy.

“The first-round performance during the Fiji FACT tournament has inspired a strong 50-member fan club to help alleviate some of the costs on the association”, said Mohammed.

"The friends feel that after losing seven starters to other districts, the team has made a grand statement by qualifying for the Fiji FACT semi-finals.

“The NFA is finally reaping on the rewards by way of investing on local players”.

Nadi Football head-coach Babs Khan said it is nice of the district fans in Canada to step up and help.

“It’s a great gesture on the part of the fans”, he said. “NFA is all about development. Our fans are for it and the association is equally behind the idea of home grown talent”.

Khan said Nadi’s training and development program is really working for them and he owes the success to the association.

“We’re certainly looking to the future, it looks bright”.


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