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Local wrestler sets sight on new clubLocal wrestler sets sight on new clubIN an attempt to give wrestlers a place to tryout the sport, a former wrestler is planning to setup a Fijian Wrestling Club in Surrey.

Alfred Lock, a Fiji born Canadian is looking for a place to train potential wrestlers for the future.

"I have made wrestling a sport from a very young-age, it's a great sport in which I've earned a name but success comes with a lot dedication and sacrifices", he said.

"Now that I've retired from wrestling I can directly pass on the techniques about the sport to those interested Fijians, young and old".

Lock, who has made to Canadian nationals on many occasions and has achieved mixed results is offering his expertise for free.

"I'm willing to teach the trick of the trade every evening, Monday to Thursday at no cost. It's per say free and it's out of pure love for the sport".

Lock has lined up a few good sponsors, who have pledged to pick up the first six-months rental tab and thereafter the club will become a membership run club.

Lock said with a new club, new recruits, there will be new opportunities to compete, the future looks bright for the Wrestling Club.

He said he is working tirelessly to get a place by July and get all the permits approved for the opening.

"The public will be well informed of the development through Sportsone".

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