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Junior Farzan with promoter Mohammed ShameemJunior Farzan with promoter Mohammed ShameemThe Sebastian 'Sniper' Singh and Farzan 'Razor' Ali fight is drawing a lot fanfare in Vancouver, the home of promoter Mohammed Shameem.

The Vancouver-rites newly formed Canada Fiji South Pacific Promotions has become a hot topic among the sports fervent.

The Singh and Ali names seems to roll off at all get-together, big and or small, it appears the hype is huge and beyond Fiji.

Former Fiji boxer Subarmani Reddy says Fijian community is so engrossed with the fight that everyone has an opinion about who will walk the 'talk'.

Reddy said the interest spiraled after learning a local promoter is involved and has lined up a slate of great boxers for the June 30th program.

"The two boxers are showman in their own rights. They will surely bring the house down so suggests the 'talk down and this is a great sell if you will for the promotion".

Reddy, the younger brother of former Fiji boxing great Loga Nadan Reddy, said Sebastian and Razor have enviable physique, a growing aura and wins to back up their 'talk' but nothing matters on the day of the fight.

"Records play a small part, it all comes down to training and mental preparedness. How much the boxer wants to win on the night".

Reddy says Canada Fiji South Pacific Promotions deserves plaudits for staging the much-anticipated fight which has left many up in arms when it comes to prediction.

"We'll see how it plays. It is only getting interesting as both the fighters have predicted knockout before six rounds", said Reddy, who made 5 successful appearances in the Bantamweight class between 84-86, before migrating to Canada.

Sportsone has been reliable informed that a huge Canadian presence is being worked on for the June 30th fight.

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