Labasa football team wins its fifth Champion Versus Champion Series with a 2-1 win over Suva at the ANZ stadium. FFA photo

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Three team IDC, no brainer

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Nadi's Javid Khan fights for possession against Suva: File PicNadi's Javid Khan fights for possession against Suva: File PicTHE three team 2017 Premier Inter District Championship has been labelled as a no- brainer following the release of the fixtures on Thursday.


The August 12-13 weekend tournament has also been criticized by former footballers, district officials and fans.


The very people have directed their anger towards the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver for hosting the tournament despite the lack of interest from the teams.


Ronald Naidu, the former Lautoka player of the 90s, while speaking to Sportsone said the footballing interest is on a wane.

"A three or even a four team IDC is a joke", said Naidu. "The FSLVG needs to cancel the event, it’s no brainer, that's all to it".

Naidu said IDC is supposedly the single biggest tournament on the calendar and to have a three-team tournament just goes to show the most glamourous tournament is on a death bed.

“The FSLGV needs to identify the wrongs, after all it is them who can rejuvenate the interest among all stakeholders or prepare for the worst in the coming years”.

Rajen Kumar shared similar views, the former Saints, said unless the FSLGV changes for the better, the association is in the danger of becoming a defunct body much like Fiji Football Association of British Columbia.


He however, recalls that the 10 team 90s IDC, under FFA  is still being talked about for its fierce competition and spectator turnout.

"The IDC is one tournament that every footballer looks to as it is a big two-day football fiesta, it is not the same no more".

Kumar said the 90s IDC and the leagues games were the best years for football.

He said for the reason that some of sports best minds were at the helm at the time.

The FFA was headed by president Sikandar Khan and the executives were former Suva and national team star, Vinod (Vince) Lal, football know-how's like, Jay Narayan, late Chris Khan and former Nadi Football (Fiji) stalwart Azad Khan, Babbu Buksh, Jerry Tikaram and Nadraj Nair, the president of the FSLGV.

“These executives had what it took to run the football house”, said Kumar."The formation of the breakaway body, the Pacific League and the subsequent FSLGV merger forced the closure of the FFA and since football has never been the same".

Nizam Mohammed, a sports neutral, said during the era, the head honchos ran the association with a lot of passion and gave everyone a reason to enjoy the competition and the rivalries.

“The biggest drawback today is that new breed lag behind in leadership and vision. And that is what is killing the sport. FSLGV needs right people, who can envisage the progress.

“People at the comfort of the cushion need to find ways of making the sport lively by way of adding prize money, that is the only way to inject interest from participating teams, otherwise, let alone IDC, the entire league will go belly up”.

Nizam said the FFA boasted a 20 team, premier and first division club competitions, with 10 teams in each division and there were 8 plus districts for the IDC.

Top 6, he recalls qualified for the Battle of the Giants tournament.

“With the FSLGV, the struggle is that they have only 6 premier clubs and the balance of power is held by the 10 team Master division.The lack of clubs preclude teams form forming district teams".

Nizam says he doesn’t blame the districts though for their none-participation as there is nothing for them to play for.

“There’s no prize-money and in a country like Canada, you are telling the league can’t find a sponsor”, asked Nizam.

“The FSLGV cashes in from team and player registrations to fine levies and come IDC, it all comes down to district pride, which means no prize purse.

“How about for the love of the sport, the league waves all subscription come 2018 on, wouldn't that be a fair call".

Nizam says club and district delegates need to get vocal or expect more of the same in the coming years.




+1 #2 Start from the ground up 2017-08-16 18:37
A 4 team IDC is very disappointing.. maybe adding prize money will help but that won't be enough.. What the league also needs to do is make it mandatory for every team to also have a youth team.. and as the main teams play also schedule the youth teams either before or after the main team..they need to start rebuilding it from the ground up and do it with real commitment
+2 #1 IDC no brainer 2017-08-06 16:41
Great piece!! Three or Four team Fiji bazaar is more fun!
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