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Retirement not an option: Junior

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Junior Farzan not quite ready to retireJunior Farzan not quite ready to retireJunior 'Razor' Farzan Ali is not contemplating on retiring from boxing, well not just yet.

The onetime best pound per pound slugger, says he still has a few years on him before he hangs up the gloves for good.

"I've been in the sport for well over two decades, I arbitrarily make decisions and I'm not going to be forced upon quitting boxing, well not just yet".

"I've been a competitor", he said. "I gave my best during my tenure and I will bid boxing farewell only after I'm satisfied that I don't have the tactical and the technical lace to continue on", he said in a Sportsone exclusive.

"A few more fights are what I'm looking at".

As a showman, Ali says he owes his family, fans, neutrals, foes and the sport a redemption.

"My loss to Sebastian ‘Sniper' Singh disappointed my fans and to them I say, it was not my day. I lost to a good fighter.

"I will give him another fight, should that happen I will put on a better performance.

"I need to up my weight for the fight though”.

Ali said he has been rubbed in after his first-round knockout loss to Singh, reminds those that talked down on him to try the sport before passing remarks in social and news media.

"Boxing is not for faint hearts. It's for brave-hearts, I stood the ground for well over two decades against some of the best boxers in Fiji and the region.

"What is sad about it all is that there are people who don't know about the sport and yet make statements like no tomorrow. They should use their breath to better use".

When asked about the alleged fix during the much-hyped fight last month, Ali said he is not of the kind that would scoop that low to fix a fight.

He said people have said all kinds of things and they can talk all they want.

"Singh won it fair", Ali admitted. “It was just not my day, period".

"Boxers say I trash talked about the fight, look, follow the sport people, that's the beauty about it all. That is all I can say.

"Boxers world over do it, some of the bests in the business did it and it will happen for years on".

Ali said no one can take away the stigma of the trash talk, it's part of the sport, it only stirs up excitement.

"We do our own marketing if you will. We can hype up and lose and don't do it all and win”, said Ali with a smirk.

Ali admitted that he is likely to appear in a local promotion as early as December, added it could well be under Canada Fiji Southern Boxing Promotions.

"The promoter is working on my next fight and the opponent. And in the space, I need to work my weight up".


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