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Nadi football stalwart, Subarmani ReddyNadi football stalwart, Subarmani ReddyTWO Footballers were among four people rescued off Mayne Island after their boat capsized on Sunday.

Nadi Masters defender, Rakesh Naidu and former Nadi lynchpin Subarmani Reddy were on a fishing trip along with Surya Naidu and Sanjvi Reddy when their boat capsized.

Subarmani Reddy said he is forever indebted to BC Ferries and its rescue crew for their prompt action in saving their lives.

"B C Ferries crew saved our lives. We can't thank them enough", he said.

Reddy said the day started off well but a few hours into their fishing expedition the boat started taking in water and there was very little they could do to save the boat but to jump in the water.

“We had the only esky (cooler box) that we all hung on to stay afloat, before two kayakers' who were in the water nearby rushed to our rescue only to capsize in heavy swells".

Cold in the choppy waters for good over half an- hour , Reddy said the four though remained calm and hoped that nearby boaters would reach-out to help.

He said it is when they saw a ferry sail towards them and launch a rescue boat.

"Time was of an essence. Had it not been for the ferry crew we would've been all dead".

BC Ferries spokeswoman Deborah Marshall said the Spirit of Vancouver Island was in the area and that it rescued four off the sunken boat.

“The Spirit of Vancouver Island was on-route from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen when it saw four men in the waters, a rescue boat was launched to pull them and transfer to coast guard boat while the kayakers were taken ashore.

"I think our customers today will be able to appreciate that we were able to render some assistance and help some folks out," Marshall said.

Reddy said he is glad to be home with his loved ones and as for hobby fishing, it is off his do list now.

"I'd rather focus on football then go sport fishing and drown".


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