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IDC is more about pride

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IDC is all about patriotism IDC is all about patriotism The 2017 Inter District Championship fever has once again hit the all-time high and for obvious reasons.


While the Holy Grail of football is expected to draw huge fanfare from around the country and overseas, it is arguably more about district pride than football.


Well,  even those who don't care about the sport will try just a bit too hard to make it like they care more than they do.


And the proof of it is that hundreds have taken to social media, Facebook to root for their district team and ride the loyalty wagon if you will.

Many say, standard aside, they cared passionately about their district and the championship.

But let’s not over interpret it, although it sounds like some already have.

It is said the IDC extracts the best out of the players not that they don’t give their all in other tournaments but the championship tag is by far the best feeling and the hardware every footballer wants to lay their hands on before their footballing career comes to an end.

It also draws a certain level of excitement among the district fans as they invariably rally behind the team and the sport captures the attention of the nation

Satish Naidu who was in Fiji during the Battle of the Giants tournament couldn’t agree more on the notion of pride.

He had seen the euphoria up-close at the BOG, said people simply want their districts to win at whatever cost.

"I can’t agree more, football in Fiji is all about pride and patriotism", Naidu told Sportsone. "People care less about the standard”.

“As long as their team wins they're happy and have something to talk about".

"Even if it means the proverbial 'kick and chase', they will take it for the bragging rights”.

Naidu was in the mix at both the venues, Labasa's Subrail Park and later for the grand finale at Lautoka's Churchill Park, said the sights and sounds had given him a fair sense of what to expect from fans in Fiji.

“What I have seen is that fans don’t care about the standard of football and the direction the sport was headed. All they want to see is their district win and win it all, cheap it maybe”, said Naidu with a nod of disbelieve.

"I have talked to people at both the venues, they say they careless about the standard".

Naidu said it is sad that people hadn’t changed their views about the sport given that Fiji Football Association has put so much emphasis on training and the development of football in the country.

“It is contrary to what FFA is trying to do with the sport. I guess people are affixed with a different mindset.

“Same old cheers for the long punts and jeers on missed opportunities.

“No praise for creativeness, set piece and the silky skills and the usual hurls at the match officials have become a ritual".

The die-hard Ba fan said whatever it is, fans need to give football its due respect, its worlds game.

And while it is gratifying for the fans to see their team win and create their own natural crescendo, it also worth noting that a quality football only adds to the stigma of the pride and patriotism.

May the best team win and the parties begin.


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