Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 12th Euro Championship goal, but his team got beat 4-2 to throw the 'group of death' wide open.

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Rylan turn heads at Pacifc Cup

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Fijian All-Star, Rylan ShangaFijian All-Star, Rylan ShangaRYLAN Sangha, the Canadian on the USA All-Stars team turned heads during the Pacific Cup tournament in New Zealand.

The silky midfielder mesmerized the crowed and was USA All-Stars fan favorite.

Rylan said the Pacific Cup debut was a great experience on many levels.

"I got the sense of international competition.

"The crowd was huge, something that doesn't happen anymore in the Fijian League, so it is exciting to play in a competition like the Pacific Cup".

The Tanoa FC marquee said it also extracts the best out of a footballer.

"It feels like more is on line".

Rylan is adamant Canada All-Stars will do exceptionally well given the quality import players and a coach like soccer great Ivor Evans the team would spring in surprises.

"Canada has very skillful players who will do well in the Pacific Cup.

"You just have to pick the right team. We will do well".

He says the standard of football in the Pacific Cup tournament was good, games were quite open but not as structured as the Canadian game.

Rylan was somewhat surprised with the lack of skilled players during the tournament.

"A lot of athletic and physical players in just about all the teams. Fijian teams are very physical".

The USA All-Stars lost to NZFFI All- Stars 2-1 in the grand finale, substitute Emanuel scored on a Rylan free kick for the equalizer.

The side conceded a late penalty after NZFFI midfielder Rinal Prasad was tripped on the 29th minute mark of the second half.




+9 #1 Stars 2017-11-27 08:48
Rylan and Kevin made history by playing in the Pacific Cup final for USA All Stars, something Fijian League should be ashamed of. Fijian League is all about a few, who have no clue about the sport yet pretend to know all! Vinaka USA All Stars for giving the youngsters their big break.
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