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Javid wins Sportsman Award

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2017 S1 Sportsman award winner; File2017 S1 Sportsman award winner; FileJAVID Khan out voted Nikhil Reddy and Ronald Chaudhary to win the prestigious 2017 Sportsone Sportsman of the Year Award.

The Tanoa FC, exponent garnered 25 percent online votes and an aggregate 40 percent votes from Sportsone’s footballing panel.

Khan, who was also a nominee in 2016, won his first, in the 7-year running of the most prestigious award, awarded every year to the outstanding athlete.

University of Okanagan Heat footballer, Nikhil Reddy received 20 percent votes, for second place while Ba Masters Ronald Chaudhary got 15 percent votes.

Simon Prakash, Sportsone Sportsman of the Year Award coordinator said the award continues to grow by the year, added a colossal 6500 online votes were cast.

He said there’s a lot of interest and there is a huge following.

“The sporting public have made a clear choice”, said Simon.

"Javid Khan is a model footballer. He deserves the award.

“It all comes down to interest. There’s no other media award for Fijian athletes and it’s the reason why Sportsone Sportsman of the Year is so popular”.

Irshad Iqbal won the award last year.


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