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BCMSA under seigeBCMSA under seigeFANCA Canada, a new association formed at the weekend has all the making of a breakaway body to British Columbia Muslim Sports Association.

A BCMSA insider revealed to Sportsone, that the new body, of which Zarim Khan is the president was birthed after disagreements over the registration of the BCMSA and the adoption of a new constitution.

He said Khan, who was the sitting president didn't file the nomination to contest the election citing irregularities.He said Khan felt the whole election process was flawed.

"He (Zarim Khan) feels he was kept in the dark all through the consultation, review and the adoption of the constitution during the annual general meeting".

The source said when Khan had exhausted all the avenues for a fair hearing, and as the head of nation for Canada, he pleaded his case before FANCA Federation, who granted him the responsibility to run Team Canada for the 2018 FANCA tournament.

"FANCA Federation has no jurisdiction to make decisions on and as to who runs foreign organizations.

"It is clear violation of FANCA's ethics and besides it’s a breach of sovereign law, if challenged in the court of law".

"Some FANCA Federation officials must be held accountable for endorsing a separatist movement. If FANCA Federation allows this to happen in Canada than expect more of the same from other nations in the coming years".

He said Canada has always been represented under BCMSA and there's absolutely no need for another sanctioning body.

"If anything, BCMSA and Khan, who had served the association should find an amicable solution and that he (Zarim) remain the head of the nation and just that".

The insider said the BCMSA was built on patience, perseverance and promise, which is now under siege.

“The visions and the foresight of the pioneers is being compromised by the overzealous and power driven few.

“If anything, we need to amalgamate than part separate ways”.




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