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Clubs vote against the change

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FSLGV, president Nadraj NairFSLGV, president Nadraj NairMajority of the clubs have voted against Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver's proposed change to allow five East Indian (Sikh) players to be considered as Fijians.

FSLGV president Nadraj Nair confirmed to Sportsone today that their member clubs had voted against the change on Sunday, which will see a four team Premier League for the 2018 season.

"The league put motion got defeated", he said.

"The clubs have voted against the change.

"It's not something we were anticipating but we have to live with the outcome".

The clubs also voted against the motion to allow three additional imports on top of the five East Indians (Sikh) players to play for a club in the new season.

"The whole idea was to get a few more Premier football clubs to make the competition exciting.

"We've been struggling for clubs for past few years’ and we thought by declaring East Indians (Sikhs) as Fijians, we would have had few more clubs in the league, but it didn't go as planned. Everything remains status-quo”.

Nair reiterated that for both the Premier and Masters division, the import player signings remain unchanged.




+2 #1 Cold shoulderAtish Lal 2018-02-27 17:10
Karma is something!! 'This League broke FFA and sooner than later they will be meeting the same fate. A 4 team Preimer League. Hello FSLGV journo/ jack of all trade but master of none !!
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