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Alberta fans come in droves for 7sAlberta fans come in droves for 7sRUGBY fans from far as Alberta Province came in droves for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, Canada Sevens.

The Edmontonian and the Calgarians have driven for some 13 hours with families and friends.

Some have decided to bunk in with families, while others with fiends and the partiers have checked into Downtown Vancouver hotels for the weekend long event.

Special buses will also be leaving the Alberta Province today for Vancouver, the arrangement was made by hordes to avoid the hassle of driving in the winter like conditions.

Raymond Naidu of Millwood, Edmonton said while most of his friends have car pooled, he chose to bus to Vancouver.

He said the 13-hour bus ride may seem like a long haul but the beauty of the scenery, and the excitement of the sevens games makes the journey that much more fun.

"It is all about the love for the sport of rugby sevens and the country that makes me come and support the team in Vancouver", he said.

Naidu said unlike past two years, many travelers have decided to bus to Vancouver.

"Cost effective. And one doesn't have to worry about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

"People can even enjoy a few drinks on-route and leave the driving part to the professional".

Calgarian, Raj Kamal and 10 of his friends, who call themselves a ‘Trotters’, travel places for sporting and cultural events.

His group, like many other partiers, will be staying in a hotel.

"We all have families in Surrey and Vancouver area, but we decided to stay in Downtown, Vancouver and party like a rock star”.

Raj said a good over 1000 Albertan will bus to Vancouver and just about double the number in car pools and private vehicles.


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