Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 12th Euro Championship goal, but his team got beat 4-2 to throw the 'group of death' wide open.

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Fundraiser for Fiji flood victims

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Footballes plan to raise fundsFootballes plan to raise fundsFORMER footballers are rallying to raise money for Tropical Cyclone Josie and Tropical Cyclone Keni victims in Fiji.

Thousands of homes were damaged at the height of the two cyclones, lives were lost, and hundreds remain displaced from the severe flooding.

Every effort is being made to raise money to help the needy in the flood ravaged areas of Ba, Lautoka, Nadi and Nadroga.

Footballers, Ravi Nair and Mohinesh Narayan will be organizing a Karaoke Night, date and place will be announced soon.

Nair said all proceeds from the event will be sent to the dire needy in Fiji.

“We’re trying to secure a place that can cater huge audience, we will then announce the date and the place of the fundraiser.

“Whatever we raise from the event will be sent to the neediest in Fiji”.

Nair says he is corroborating with assessors of a reputable None Governmental Organization (NGO), who will distribute the funds on behalf of the Canadians.  

Narayan said people seem to have a second opinion when it comes to helping raise funds because organizations have in the past used the natural disasters to garner money that didn’t make it to the intended in Fiji.

“There are those opportunists who would use the situation to raise funds only to pocket them”, he said. "There have been cases in the past and people are now second guessing these fundraisers".

“We assure the public that every penny that we raise would be accounted for. It’s all about transparency.

“Soliciting money by false pretenses and on the back of devastation is wrong”.


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