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No obligations to represent Fiji

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Team Fiji All-stras, Rylan Sanga and Kevin RajTeam Fiji All-stras, Rylan Sanga and Kevin RajTHE perception that Fijian footballers have a duty to represent Team Fiji in the Nations Cup is preposterous says former football coach Joseph Nair


Nair said he was taken aback on the weekend after learning that players who turn down requests to represent Team Fiji would not be considered for future Nations Cup team.


“The players have no obligation towards Team Fiji, morally or legally”, he said.

Nair questioned the rationale behind Fijian Soccer League’s latest stance.

He said it all comes down to individual players free will should they feel the need to play.

“All the players that have represented Team Fiji for the last decade are all Canadian born, they only play out of respect for their roots more than anything else”.

Nair said players' can always refuse the call-up and can play for nations of their choice this year and in the future Nations Cup.


“No one player is legally bound to play for Team Fiji.


“Fijian Soccer League can’t enforce their authority on those who decide not to render their services to Team Fiji, besides, the players don't lose nothing if they don't get future considerations".

Attempts to get a comment from Fijian Soccer League president Nadraj Nair proved futile.

The Nations Cup will be played from July 20th- 22nd, at the Hugh Boyd Park in Richmond, B.C.

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