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FANCA boss blows steam

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Canada FANCA team: Photo, USFiji Times/FBCanada FANCA team: Photo, USFiji Times/FBFANCA Federation boss Mohammed Yusuf has lambasted an US Fiji Times story claiming USA and Canada have vowed to boycott future FANCA tournaments.

"Utter rubbish and complete nonsense", Yusuf said in a strong worded message this evening.

The article reads, officials of USA and Canadian to the 2018 FANCA Muslim World Cup in Lautoka have vowed to boycott next tournament unless drastic changes are made to the overall running of the tournament, removal of the same of officials and engagement of professional referees to control the matches.

Teams from USA and Canada have to spend a lot money to be able to be here and what we get in return is poor referring and unprofessional management of the tournament".

Yusuf said every nation was present during the FANCA congress, were heard and voted as per the constitution and that the two nations hadn't raised any issues pertaining to the unscrupulous claims made in the papers.

"Canada and USA lodged no official complaints about the match officials and or executives during the tournament", he said. "They had the full congress before them and now this".

"I'm disappointed at the publication for bringing disrepute to FANCA Federation.

"Any grievances should've been brought to our attention and we would've dealt with it accordingly".

Yusuf says both USA and Canada have confirmed FANCA 2020 participation in New Zealand.

"I will make every effort to reach out to the said nations and hold the very publication accountable for misleading public with utter false claim".



+6 #1 BoycottImtiaz 2018-08-20 05:30
Who is US Fiji Times to speak on behalf of Canada, don’t they have BCMSA to make a call. Boss Yusuf get to the bottom or get VP Zarim on on.. solved !!
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