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Facebook foes meet very 'Fijian'

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Facebook foes, Prakash Prasad and Mausam Ali:FBFacebook foes, Prakash Prasad and Mausam Ali:FB

FACEBOOK foes who were in loggerheads for their footballing antics came face to face in Suva, Fiji last week.

Prakash Prasad a New Zealander and Mausam Ali, a familiar Suva peanut seller met much to the awe of over 100,000 followers and subscribers.

The two gained huge following for their Fiji soccer videos and posts.

They have had an ongoing feud about their respective districts, Nadi and Ba. Ali had earlier in one of his Facebook posts called out Prakash to spew his Ba hate during his visit to Fiji, and just like any macho fan would put it 'face the consequences.'

Prakash, whose signature phrase ‘mind nai karna babba’, (don’t mind friends), is a comic, has a love hate relationship with his fans, foes and neutrals, took time out of his latest TV, episode, Jharoka, recording, where he is the host to meet-up.

And as the cameras rolled to catch up the glimpse, the foes face-up was anything but very Fijian’, warm and as they embraced, Ali’s wife looked on.

“Friends, the one meeting people always asked what it would be like if Prakash and Mausam Ali meet”, said Prakash. "Here it is".

“Soccer has its place, no soccer no issues. If someone comes to your door offer that brotherly love”, Ali said.

Prasad made a special mention Ali for being the longest concession, peanut seller at the Suva bus stand.

“Ali has been selling peanuts for over 50 years and it’s some history", added Prakash, with a nod of approval from Ali.

Ali’s followers praised him for being a good sport and a kind heated man, ‘who held no grudges despite being ridiculed’.

The foes have for now ironed out their wrinkles, but staunch followers feel the two may just have a falling out ahead of the 2018 IDC, it is when district loyalists’ workup the rival fans through social media, Facebook.

The video of their meeting on Facebook garnered over 25,000 views, more than 100 shares and countless comments.


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