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We had a game plan: Singh

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New Zealand NadroNew Zealand NadroWE simply upped the ante against the Canadian All-stars in the grand final says, New Zealand Nadro master’s hero, Salen Singh.

Singh’s clutch penalty kick during the 5-4 shootout win proved to the match winner in the Sanatan World Cup last Sunday at Granite Regional Park in Sacramento.

“We upped our game against Canadian All-stars”, he said.

“We knew the Canadians were a strong team and had a whole host of former district players. We had a game plan that worked".

Singh said the five 50-year old on the team played pivotal role for NZ Nadro’s back -to- back championship, added, 2016 being their first they won in New Zealand and the 2018 SWC USA victory.

“Canadians had a young team, many players’ we were told played in competitive leagues.

“The whole idea was to neutralize them and get them play at our pace, our coach identified the areas that needed to be worked on against Canada, we were successful doing that”.

Singh said the decision by the Canadians not to use, Naveen Kumar, the former Fiji and New Zealand footballer worked to their advantage.

“Naveen knew our strengths and the weakness, he would’ve made the difference, but I guess the Canadians had other plans. It definitely worked in our favor”, said Singh, who is in Vancouver visiting families.

Singh said a huge party awaits the players in New Zealand upon their return, most of whom have taken extended holidays in USA and Canada.


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