Fijian Drua win the Super W rugby title with a 32-26 comeback victory at Melbourne's AAMI Park

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The dream of the determined

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Ba Masters looks to the futureBa Masters looks to the futureTHE 2017-2018 Masters League champions, Ba is in the all-conquering mood in the years ahead.

The itch is to claim the league title for the third consecutive year, and then take a run at Navua Mastersí (2012-2016), unblemished record, hinted an insider.

While the treble league title is theirs to lose, realistically, the possibility of matching ĎRedsí run is very low.

Consider this, in a competitive world of sports, planning and execution are very important, a champion is made on commitment and the will of the determined, not on the hope and the would and the could theory.

There is no suggestion that Ba doesnít have the will, or isnít a competitor, but itís about the players and if they retain the team then they might pose a threat.

It also goes without saying that loyalty is only a word, as footballers switch teams for whatever little perks and privileges.

Ba also needs to give its roster a revamp in the years ahead only then they can think about Navua, otherwise, itís like a breath well wasted on the very thought.

Navuaís legacy was drawn on the back of once-in-a-lifetime elite athletes, a brilliant player-coach and the exceptional communication skills of Satendra and Jiten Ram.

The Ramís, unlike the love for power seeks and the many table tapping management, who rule from comfort of the cushion, left it to the players to hold the fort.

If Ba is serious about tapping into greatness, they need to get Navuaís how to script and use it to their advantage, otherwise the championship synonymous record is Navuaís to cherish.



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Nice piece, 9th paragraph says it all.
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