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Investigate! FANCA told

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Former Fiji national team and Canada FANCA footballer, Mohammed YusufFormer Fiji national team and Canada FANCA footballer, Mohammed YusufFANCA Federation’s reluctance to open an investigation into the alleged match fixing has one former FANCA winner question the moral obligation of the entity.

Former Fijian international and Canada team footballer Mohammed Yusuf (Mama) said FANCA should have been proactive by carrying out its investigation than ‘pass the buck’ to Fiji Football Association.

Yusuf (Mama) said FANCA president Mohammed Yusuf, who is also the CEO of FFA, needs to understand the separation of powers between the associations.

“Where is FANCA in this scandal,” said the 2001 FANCA winner with Canada.

“What is FANCA’s role. Where is the ethics in all this.”

The Surrey-rite finds it perplexing that FANCA had not made any official statement about the match fix, the people behind the audio that circulated on Facebook and tarnished the image of the establishment.

“Yusuf uses his FFA powers to initiate an investigation, how so.”

“There needs to be an ethics committee to investigate match fix allegations.

“If they don’t have one, form one.”

Sportsone has been reliably informed that the voice in the audio is that of Farhad Bhamji, the New Zealander who offered bribes to fix the result between New Zealand and Fiji in the FANCA grand finale.

Bhamji is believed to have had locals abet with the match fixing, they have been suspended by their respective organizations.

Ba Football Association took out a public statement on its official Facebook page to admit they have initiated their own investigation involving one of its members.

Yusuf (Mama) said FANCA needs to do a fine-tooth comb investigation, expedite the finding and holding those involved and suspend them for life.

“FANCA owes an explanation to its fans, sponsors, and stakeholders. It is about integrity.”



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90K down the trash, shame on beggars ... Rams Cleaning FANCA will live on, and investigation under Yusuf,is like no way...corrupt
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