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Krishna excited about Whitecaps

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Krishna with Labasa coach Gurjit Singh during 2011 IDC. Photo credit S1.Krishna with Labasa coach Gurjit Singh during 2011 IDC. Photo credit S1.Fiji soccer’s golden boy Roy Krishna has confirmed interest in trying out for the Major League Soccer team the Vancouver Whitecaps.


The 24-year-old Siberia lad expressed desire after being talked into it by former Fiji and Whitecaps soccer great Ivor Evans.


“I will give it a shot, but it would likely come in the New Year”, Krishna said.


“I’m glad former Labasa and Fiji soccer idol; Ivor Evans is in talks with the MLS, club, Vancouver Whitecaps. I’m ecstatic about it all.”


The marquee Waitakere United striker, who like Ivor Evans honed his skills in Labasa, is currently playing in the ASB Premiership League in New Zealand.


Roy said he has some personal business to take care of before giving it a shot with the Vancouver Whitecaps.


“I’d love to come to Canada, I’m not taking a pass on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said from New Zealand.


“If I have my way I’m out now, but it’s not how things sometimes turn out to be.”


He said the Waitakere organisation has been good to him and he doesn’t feel like leaving them “high and dry” should he decides to leave.


“They’re all professional people and the owner is a great soul. He has taken good care of me and I’d advise him of my status.”


Roy’s contract with Waitakere United ends in July.


Meanwhile, Evans earlier said that Roy Krishna should tryout with the Major League Soccer team, the Vancouver Whitecaps.


Evans who gained notoriety both in Fiji and Canada for his adroit skills said Roy needs to get out of playing in the ASB Premiership League in New Zealand.


“It would be the best career decision for a great talent like him (Roy) to come to Vancouver”, said Evans.


The former Whitecaps star said he has spoken highly about Roy, to the president of the Vancouver Whitecaps organisation, Bob Lenarduzzi.


“I’ve watched videos of Roy and he certainly has in him the skills and the poise for MLS.


“I ran by Bob (Lenarduzzi) about (Roy) Krishna and he wants to take a close look at Roy.


“All Roy has to do is come out and impress the coaching staff.”


Evans says he’s not doing it for personal gains, but out of respect for a fellow talent who is being deprived of a full professional undertaken.


A move to any MLS club would see a massive hike in the payout.


The Vancouver Whitecaps have a 2-2-1 record, going into a midweek game against Sporting Kansas City.





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