Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Lautoka's star off the bench

Fiji Sports

2017 IDC winners, Lautoka2017 IDC winners, LautokaHe made the career defining penalty saves during the breathtaking Courts Inter-District Championship grand finale 5-4 win against Ba last Sunday.

And when put under the spotlight and in the backdrop of a raucous district fans as a backup goalkeeper, did he ever rise up to shine.

Senirusi Bokini, the star off the bench says its business as usual following the triumphant win, stressed the victory is for him and his teammates to savor for the rest of their lives.

"It's my very first IDC win and it will take some time to sink in", he said.

"We are definitely living it".

Bokini holds Lautoka Football Association high in the sporting realms, said they're one big football family, where unity and respect enshrine and that is what have them extract the best on the pitch.

"Support from our officials, family and friends have been unwavering".

A policeman by profession, he owes much of the success to LFA and the guidance of the starting net-minder, Beniaminio Mateinaqara who has always been a role model to him.

"It doesn’t matter who gets the first call as long as the team wins.

"When I'm playing Ben provides sound tactical advice and I'm glad to have a superior guide me into becoming a better goalkeeper".

Bokini wouldn't have been that star off the bench had he not arbitrarily made change on Mateinaqara.

"I had made the coach know of my feelings and that I wanted to go in and I was confident to stop the ensuing kickers.

"I missed out on Avinesh Waran Suwamy's kick but deep in my heart I knew that I had Meli Codro and Malakai Rakula covered".

Ben and the coaching staff knew Ba was an equal or even a better competitor during the shootout and Bokini's introduction came in the nick of time.

The Men in Black, however are a fierce competitor, will continue to be a force in local football but for now the majestic of Lautoka is what have fans weigh in their opinion on many social forums.

Many suggest, Lautoka won on the luxury of imports players.

But the rule book set-out by Fiji Football Association is the very same for every other district and the decision on who they draft is one's own prerogative.

Football is a business and it's getting big by the year, it also draws huge attention from the fans and the stakeholders.

The sponsorship and revenues only help propel the development, bring about the necessary changes and garner success for football in the country.

The footballers generate revenues through their far, few and in between monetary deals.

It is all about the passion of the game, a service and that decent livelihoods it so serves.

Be mindful, there are two window openings for player transfers and with football all professional or and there about, it's a fair play and LFA is a model district that follows the Fiji FA just rules.

It's their money and by the looks of it they have been investing it quite well under that business-like dealings.

The organization is reaping the true reward much to envy of its fans, foes and neutrals.

The sentiments may sponge in some unpopular soundbites from the foes but certainly the fans enjoy every time their team hit the podium and that is what makes the sport ever so interesting.

Let the celebration begin in the Blues City.


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