Canada claims the Legends Division of the FANCA Muslim Silver Jubilee tournament with a 4-3 shootout win against Australia at the Prince Charles Park in Nadi, Fiji : FANCA photo

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Mum is my strength: Zahid

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Abbu Zahid dedicates BOG win to his mumAbbu Zahid dedicates BOG win to his mumBa soccer star, Abbu Zahid said he owes his mother gratitude for his soccer success.

The 27- year old, said that its the everyday blessings from mum, Sabrina Bibi that have him excel in the sport he so loves, adds, he can't thank her enough.

"I'm, who I'm because of my mum", Zahid told Sportsone, as he recounted her encouragements to work hard, be himself and reach for stars.

"She is my pillar of strength.

"I owe my mum gratitude for all the (Dua) prayers.

"She used to be at all my games ever since I broke into limelight at a tender age of only 17 years but because of ill health lately she couldn't make it to the games, but her prayers for my health and well-being, success of my team and teammates is uncompromising".

Zahid who had a short stint in New Zealand last few years returned home out of love and adulation for his mum, a decision he never regrets.

"I was in New Zealand playing for a few seasons, I just can't imagine being away from my mum, it's just mum and I and I can't live without her.

"Soccer will come and go. I can't live to see my mum live all by herself.

"I would also like to offer my love and respect to our manager, Sabrina Khan and her mum for everything they do towards our success".

Zahid said he is massively proud of Ba players who put a kind of performance together, to come out on top in the Battle of the Giants tournament.

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