Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Why Owen? Cheetah asks

Fiji Sports

Former Fiji footballing great, Kelemedi Vosuga and Roy KrishnaFormer Fiji footballing great, Kelemedi Vosuga and Roy KrishnaENGLAND footballer, Michael Owen’s invitation as the chief guest for the Fiji Football Awards Night in February has one former national footballer blow steam at Fiji Football Association.

Former Lautoka and national team prodigy, Kelemedi Vosuga ‘Cheetah’ says while he respects Owen for his contribution to football in England, he has done nothing good for the sport in the country.

“Why Micheal Owen?”, asked the Brisbane, Australia resident.

“I don’t get it”.

Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel said on Fiji FA website that Owen’s appearance is made possible by FIFA Legends Program, the very program that saw Manchester United and Arsenal fullback, Mikaël Silvestre, come to Fiji for the 2018 Awards Night.

“We want to reward our hardworking players and officials in a bigger and better way every year and having legends of the sport present at the event surely adds more color and encourages everyone to contribute more to football”.

“Conduct clinics and visit schools and clubs during his stay”.

Vosuga says he doesn’t understand the rationale behind the high-profile invites.

“We have our own legends of the sport in the country and in overseas, from early years, 1938- on, yet Fiji FA wants to bring legends of outside world for hard working players and officials to get a glimpse of them.

“Is it that we were not any bigger and any better footballers. I question Patel’s foresight".

Vosuga said footballing fans don’t know about their own legends, the footballers that represented their district and the nation with all the heart and for the love of sport.

“If anything, FFA needs to expose its former legends more than those already known world over”.

He said former national team footballers, including himself will do the event and run clinics at no cost to schools and clubs, coast to coast.

“I’m sure former footballing legends across Fiji and in overseas will do same for free. It’s not the case with Owen. And while at it, people will get know their forgotten legends”.

“We’re just a phone call away”, said Vosuga, famously know for setting up plays during his 9-year hiatus with the ‘Blues’.

Vosuga scored countless goals but his brace against Newcastle United at Nadi’s Prince Charles Park in 1995, is his all-time best, which he scored through his trademark half-volley, district teammate, Sam Work scored the other goal for a 3-0 victory.

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