Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Veteran keeper help Lautoka win semifinal

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Nicholas Lawerance help Blues retian championshipNicholas Lawerance help Blues retian championshipFORMER Lautoka and national football team goalkeeper Nicholas Lawrence made a rare return for Lautoka in the semifinal match against Nadi during the Pacific Cup in New Zealand.

Lautoka beat Nadi 3-1.

Nicholas,40, returned between the sticks after number one keeper, Ben Amino Mateinaqara was ruled out of the starting lineup, he was injured versus USA Allstars, who were obliterated 4-1.

The last time the veteran keeper appeared for Lautoka was in 2007, the following year he played for Ba before migrating to New Zealand.

His agility and positioning helped him make several key saves and kept Lautoka out of harms way at the Bill McKilney Park.

“I’m to happy to help the team, the players showed a lot of character, even when we were down a goal”, he said.

“The boys played with heart and pride, thanks to the supporters for backing the team up”.

Nicholas said he couldn’t have taken a pass on the call up opportunity as a backup goalkeeper.

“I was asked to fill in for Ben Amino Mateinaqara, who was injured and I’m happy for the opportunity”.

He said it was always his dream to make one last appearance for the district that gave him a break the age of 15 years.

“It was always my dream to end my playing career with my district”, said Nicholas who plays local football for Nadi in New Zealand.

The stand-in former Fiji goalkeeper’s play earned him so many admirers, many said age is only a number.

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