Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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FFA, FRU must help: Kosa

Fiji Sports

Epeli Kosa, former Lautoka rep, second from left.Epeli Kosa, former Lautoka rep, second from left.A former national team footballer is urging country’s two major sporting organizations to show compassion during the difficult times by using some of their resources on the dire needy.

Epeli Ragavatu Kosa, the star of Lautoka’s 80s football side, said the Fiji Rugby Union and the Fiji Football Association needs to roll back some of its funds to the very Fijians who help them garner it by making the audience to their sanctioned events.

“The FRU and FFA are big financial sporting institutions in the country and with Covid -19 pandemic hurting Fijians, from lay-offs, docked hours and business closures, they can donate the cash to reputable organizations of their choice for the delivery of food hampers and more for”, he said.

Kosa said the fans are the biggest coffers of the two entities and the donation will help alleviate some of the financial struggles faced by the people.

The FRU and FFA could either identify charity of their choice or organize special volunteer groups to scour people on need and handout the necessary, said Kosa.

“Out of good heart, that’s all”.

The Auckland, New Zealand resident said every major sporting clubs and athletes in the world have donated cash for the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, believes the two of Fiji’s biggest organizations can donate towards humanity.

He said the news that FFA is looking out for its footballers is very encouraging but it should not be limited.

“With the financial help it will become all inclusive”.

Kosa said the FRU needs to step up and follow Lautoka Rugby Union’s suit, who have been talking care of its players with food hampers.

“FRU is an amazing organization, it has, they need to step up I’ve faith in them.

“No Fijian should be left alone, we’re all in it, and together we’ll rise again”.

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