Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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'Sasa' broom fails to stop rain

Fiji Sports

A Sasa broom being used to stop rain: FBA Sasa broom being used to stop rain: FBPRAYERS were not only offered to keep Subrail Park dry ahead of the Fiji FACT semifinals that eventually got abandoned.

Someone at the park used an ancient Indian mythology, truly, whatever it took to convince Mother Nature to stop the skies from opening.

In a picture that is making its rounds on social media, a broom in the case, a coconut leaf (Sasa) is seen firmly planted upside down at the pitch side.

The idea that stemmed in India, a country where traditions breathe comfortably next to global technology was widely practiced by first generation Indians, second generation descendants still hold similar values in the country.

Thakur Jagat Singh, who learnt a thing or two about the ancient beliefs from his dad, Thakur Dharam Jeet Singh, said the ‘broom idea’ sure works but it comes with prayers.

“I to this day believe in that strange but true belief”, he said.

“You just don’t go dig up a hole and place a broom facing upside down and expect it to work.

“Mantra, prayer follows, it’s hard to explain to the generation we live in, but whoever decided to plant one at Subrail Park had the idea but lacked the knowledge".

Jagat, who is a diehard Nadi football fan said he was not impressed with the ground condition and the standard of football.

The planted broom, however, did not stop the rain, that poured in walls and sheets, resulting FFA to abandon the Nadi and Rewa semifinal match, Nadi led 1-0 at the half.

The tournament has been suspended for a week.

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