New Zealand Nadi Legends and Nadi Legends in a group picture after the inaugural Joe Lutumailagi Cup game in Nadi yesterday. NZ Nadi won 2-1.

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Nancy predicts Fiji 7s Olympic gold win

Fiji Sports

Nancy, the psychic parrot, image illustrationNancy, the psychic parrot, image illustrationNANCY, the psychic parrot has predicted Team Fiji men’s rugby sevens team to win the Olympic gold in Tokyo, Japan.

The prediction is timely as Fiji plays its opening game against host Japan, followed by game against Canada.

Nancy has been spot on several occasions in the past, with the Fijian Inter district championship, the Battle of the Giants and Vancouver Whitecaps 2012 playoff games.

Nancy’s Vancouver, Canada, owner, and aviculture, Lawrence Sen said Nancy is an African grey parrot, very intelligent and likes to talk.

“She had been on nature’s holiday, somewhat but on rare requests I put her to intelligence work”, Sen said.

“I guess there’s a lot of interest with the Olympics and sevens, people are making all kinds of predictions as to which country will win the sevens gold.

“I was persuaded to get Nancy’s prediction, and there you have it”.

Sen said Nancy hasn’t yet made a wrong prediction in all the years she’s been calling out winners.

He added that now the verdicts out, it doesn’t in any way suggest the team to sleep at the switch.

“Fiji needs to put in their best performance”.

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