Fijian Drua win the Super W rugby title with a 32-26 comeback victory at Melbourne's AAMI Park

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Fijians worldover sang and danced to celebrate Fiji's gold win

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Fijian boys find space to watch Fiji's gold medal gameFijian boys find space to watch Fiji's gold medal gameFIJIANS world over sang and danced to celebrate the nations back-to-back Olympic sevens gold medal win at the Tokyo Olympics.

Fiji beat New Zealand 27-12, in the final, and gave the country an ecstasy of endearing joy that personified the love and the following for the sport.

While the flag bearing thousands used the comfort of their homes, work and social spaces, two youngsters were not so lucky.

They made use of the cranny space of a man door to get the glimpse of the semifinal game.

A picture that has gone viral on social media shows boys, as young as 4-5 years old, seated on a lawn, eagle eyed and enjoying their favorite sport.

The youngsters' love for the sevens game attest how every boy to man dreams of draping in the national attire and representing the country.

Rugby 7s is Fiji’s niche.

It’s a game that has become synonymous with afternoon pass time whether you are in the village, just knocked off work in the urban centers or wrapped up school for the day.

Whether you have a rugby ball or not, it can be played regardless. so, while our kicks may not be too impressive, our line breaks and offloads are a thing to watch, because you cannot kick a coconut can you? Throw it basketball style, yes you can!

Our champion athletes that have brought us so much glory in the 7s arena are true examples of the natural talent that is inbred into a Fijian player.

Then the rags to riches stories, complete turnaround in life. No need to look further then current captain Jerry Tuwai - from no ho home and no rugby boots to two-time Olympic gold medalist - from nothing to everything.

So yes, that is what every Fijian kid wants to be growing up.

Let’s not forget the tight bonding, the brotherhood and teamwork intercalated into the very fabric of the Fijian game.

Jerry Tuwai just tried to offload his second Olympic gold medal to national 7s coach Gareth Baber saying coach you don’t have one, I have two, Gareth happily refused.

But that just shows you the gentle nature of our giants. We get inspired, so are the kids.

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