Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Former boxer Salen plans a comeback

Fiji Sports

Former boxer, Salen Prasad Former boxer, Salen Prasad FORMER boxer Salen Prasad has hinted at returning to boxing for exhibition fights in the country.

The 55- year old, welterweight champion of Fiji said he has been training again and plans to climb back to the ring to show that he still has boxing left in him.

“I’m 55-years old”, he said.

“I have the stamina and with the training I’m doing I can give boxers 18-25 years old a good piggyback ride”.

Salen who was regarded as the best pound per pound boxer in his weight class in the 80s, sounded upbeat of making return for exhibition shows.

He is the young brother of Fiji’s famed boxer of the 70s, Ambika Prasad, who held the South Pacific Super welterweight and welterweight championship titles.

Salen fought the likes of Akuila Naidu and Naliva Junior and others in his 10-year boxing career.

He said boxers in the country need to take the sport seriously.

“Work hard. My return is to show boxers what the sport is all about, boxing need to get serious”.

Salen's advice to youngsters is to stay away from kava (grog), cigarettes and drugs.

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