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SBW: I am true to what I believe in

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Sonny Bill WilliamsSonny Bill WilliamsSonny Bill Williams is standing by his decision to snub a Blues rugby sponsor, despite being criticised by New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English.

"It is hard to understand that one guy has to behave differently than the rest," said Bill English.

SBW made headlines around the world when he covered up a Bank of New Zealand logo.

Williams said his objection to wearing clothing that markets banks is central to his religious beliefs.

Williams famously borrowed money from his "brother" Anthony Mundine to get out of a Bulldogs contract. And Williams recently stumped up several hundred thousand dollars when Mundine needed a loan before the Danny Green fight.

Williams has sat back and been ridiculed, but was prepared to make some comments to Australian's Nine television network and the Sydney Morning Herald.

"My beliefs are who I am," he said. "

"The NZRU and the Blues are well aware of that, it's in my contract. I understand that some people think it's selfish or that I'm not a team player. They are entitled to their opinion and their beliefs, but so am I."

Williams has heard all the criticism before. "I can live with the criticism if it means I am true to what I believe in," he said. "I don't think that is a bad way to live your life.

"I want to say that I am deeply grateful to BNZ for allowing me to play with a clear mind.

"They have been more than understanding. Their level of respect towards me is something I admire and their idea to back a group [Plunket] that helps kids and their parents is a great one.

"The person who thought of that deserves a huge amount of credit.

"I was not making a stance to be a troublemaker or attention seeker - anyone who knows me knows that's not part of my make up. It's not the person I am or want to be, but I will stand up for my views every day of the week."

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