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Nadroga retain AUFFI BOG title

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MOSHIN’s Insulation NADROGA FC retained the AUFFI Battle of the Giants championship in Sydney on Sunday.

Nadroga beat Lautoka 2-1 in the final.

Tommy Semmy, the Papua New Guinea national team footballer scored a brace for the back to back championship, he won both the Most Valuable Player and Golden Boot award.

Head coach Moshin Javid Nabi was ecstatic about his team’s performance in the final game.

“The team showed a lot of character, teamwork and dedication.

“Great performance on winning the back to back BOG title. This is our third title in the last 5-years, It's an honor to be a part of the Nadroga organization."

Nadroga lost 5-1 to Lautoka in its opening game after 4 of the marquee players were not available for the game.

“We lost, but it’s always about redemption. We were at full strength, made necessary changes and never looked back,” Nabi said.

“Lautoka struggled to maintain the momentum in the final as they did in their opening game.”

Nadroga came from behind to beat Nadi 2-1 in a tense semifinal game.

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