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De La Hoya get dressing down

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Leonard EllerbeLeonard EllerbeLeonard Ellerbe gave Oscar De La Hoya a dressing down on Twitter following a public bid to sign Gervonta Davis.

Following groans from Davis over a lack of activity of late, De La Hoya pitched a move to DAZN for the two-time world champion.

Ellerbe soon got wind of the social media activity. He reminded De La Hoya in no uncertain terms that Davis has a contract with Mayweather Promotions.

“@Gervontaa you are a beast in the ring and fun to watch, give me a call so I can get you some fights on @DAZN_USA,” said De La Hoya.

Ellerbe bit back with: “Whatever the hell you on, you’ve completely lost your damn mind. Do I need to remind you Gervonta is under contract?”

Finally, De La Hoya added: “Come on Leonard let’s make the best fights on @DAZN_USA we pay a s*** load of money!”

On a lighter note for De LaHoya, the ten-time world champion will host his sixth annual after school program equipment giveaway. He will present new-state-of-the-art boxing equipment valued at thousands of dollars to the youth of the So Cal Boxing Academy.

De La Hoya will be on-hand to present the equipment to dozens of youth who train at the gym. While also encouraging them to continue in their training and to lead positive lives.

The event happens on Friday, Oct. 26, 2018 at So Cal Boxing Academy.

For the last 6 years, the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation has worked with corporate donors to fund the purchase and delivery of new boxing equipment to gyms throughout Southern California for numerous after school programs to help guide young people toward leading positive lives.

This year the Foundation, with the support of its long-time corporate partner California Municipal Finance Authority. Everlast is donating equipment to 7 gyms in Southern California that serve youth in economically disadvantaged communities.


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