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Gerrard may return to Liverpool

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Steven Gerrard may return to AnfieldSteven Gerrard may return to AnfieldLiverpool chairman Tom Werner has confirmed that his club have already held talks with Steven Gerrard about a return to Anfield when his spell with LA Galaxy comes to an end.

Gerrard will leave Liverpool and move to MLS on July 1 after a 17-year spell as a key member of the club's first team, but he has said he would like to manage his hometown club at some stage in the future.

Brendan Rodgers has also said he would be happy for him to join his coaching staff at the club, and Werner said discussions over a future role had taken place already, although he declined to go into detail.

"I don't see this as goodbye," Werner told the Liverpool Echo. "I just see this as the end of a remarkable chapter for Steven in terms of his career at Liverpool.

"I'm very hopeful that Steven will return to the club in another role at some stage in the future and his great association with Liverpool will continue.

"It's true that I've spoken to Steven about coming back. We've had some discussions that will remain private, but we certainly see him as having an important place in the club's future.

"There is no specific plan. We will sit down at some point just to talk about what his desires are but we are dedicated to continuing that relationship."

Werner also paid tribute to Gerrard's contribution to Liverpool as a club and the city as a whole.

He said: "I've been so impressed with his interest in creating important philanthropy. He directly contributes to the wellbeing of the citizens of Liverpool.

"He understands that he's a servant of the club. That joy stems from the fact that he's a fan himself. He's such a down to earth, humble individual. If you met him on a train and didn't know who he was, you wouldn't believe he's one of the greatest footballers of his generation.

"It's the values he brings to the club. His dedication and commitment to seeing the club succeed. We want to tap into that.

"I've had numerous conversations with him about how we can improve the club and I've taken on board his comments. I'm privileged to class Steven as a good friend.

"One of the most remarkable parts of his story is his unwavering commitment to one club. The fact he has played 500 Premier League games for Liverpool is some achievement.

"When one talks about loyalty and dedication, he's the perfect example of that. He could easily have left to join another club but devoted himself to Liverpool because of his love for the club. That's very special."

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