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Soccer brawl threatens player safety: File PictureSoccer brawl threatens player safety: File PictureSoccer fans are up in arms following last Sunday's free for brawl during Fijian Soccer Leagues fixture involving two rival teams.


Sportsone affiliate, Radio S1 Dhamaka's Sports Talkback Show on Monday was inundated with calls and messages from concerned fans who feel the violence in the sport has gone way too far and it's about time the league hold the perpetrators accountable.

Many said the brawl is a stark reminder of how situation can get out of control with no regard to players safety.

A reliable source informed this website that the players involved were former teammates who once represented Nadro FC.

He said the breakaway players left the club over what he termed as irreconcilable differences and formed Samabula FC.

"The anger brewed between the groups even before the game and when the two sides faced each other for their scheduled season opener, opportunity served for the old score to be settled", he said.

"It was not done in the spur of the moment.

"This is what I call a ' pressure cooker syndrome' waiting to blow up".

Rajen Kumar, a Delta resident who happened to be at the park and witnessed the chaos, said he was disgusted with the actions of the two teams.

What is beyond him is that the free for all brawl happened in the Masters Division, an age group considered by far for grownups and mature.

Kumar blew at the sides for being amazingly disgraceful by taking their quarrels to Ball Park without giving much consideration to safety.

"Players leave home for a good game of soccer yet get into a savagery", said Kumar.

"It seemed there was huge anger and animosity between the two teams.

"The actions of these players were uncalled for. What if someone got sucker punched and that proves fatal.

"It's a shame that people go to these lengths to justify their cause”.

Aslam Ali, who is a huge Ba soccer supporter, urges the Fijian Soccer League to do more than just sit back and cash in on the fine levies.

"The guys who run the league must suspend the fist-trotting maniacs from all level of soccer", he said.

Ali added the league needs to dispatch security personnel at all venues to avoid further escalation of the chronic problem that seems to have become a norm during soccer season.

He said any ill feelings should be sorted out by way of mediation and kept away from parks.




+4 #2 Be a man 2015-05-01 06:45
Solution for this situation is a simple and easy one - Fiji soccer league rents a boxing gym - if the players have a issue take it out in the ring - one on one man to man (issue resolved in minutes)- but obvious this will never fly because people would rather see 10 on 1. Life suspensions should be dealt out from this board to the instigators. It just proves the Fiji soccer board has no back bone to deal with these issues never have and never will until you change the leadership this will continue and FIJI soccer and Fijians will be looked upon as bush players (which is sad because there is talent out there). It's embarrassing for fans that take there time out of their valuable weekends to come see some soccer or even the community at large in the area using the park to witness animals beating each other like savage dogs.
+6 #1 Soccer shame 2015-04-29 18:49
Here's what is about come out..since three members of Samabula FC sit on the FSLGV board, the one eye ruling will follow.. my verdict is Nadro FC will face fines to suspensions and Samabula FC will walk free... anything less I'm prepared to a name change..
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