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FSLGV president Nadraj Nair  FSLGV president Nadraj Nair The FSLGV is under fire for its decision to suspend three players for a shameful masters brawl and the disobedience have the league lose the Bear Creek Oval.

Sportsone has learned the decision has ruffled among others Nadro Masters, the team which had two of its players copping indefinite suspension.

A Nadro FC insider who wishes to remain anonymous says the other fixture, Samabula FC walked away with a slap on the wrist.

The source said the NFC strongly feels SFC should have been dealt with severely than just one player being sin binned.

What is strange he said is the recent decision doesn't fit the leagues standards.

"The FSLGV has doled out so many harsh suspension in the past that this one has an element of unfair attached to it".

"Referees report aside,what about them eye witness that were at the ball park.

"People who turned out at park saw who the instigator was.The 'eyes' simply don't lie.Yet Nadro was made the scapegoat".

The seriousness of the brawl has certainly become a safety concern with the Surrey Parks Board.

The City withdrew the Park for further use, leaving the FSLGV to reschedule its games to North Surrey Oval.

Attempts to get a comment from FSLGV president Nadraj Nair was futile.



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