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FSLGV unfair: Reddy

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Samabula FC coach Subarmani Reddy Samabula FC coach Subarmani Reddy Samabula FC is blowing steam at the FSLGV for arbitrarily cancelling their league game against Navua.

Coach Subarmani Reddy says the league's decision is outrages.

"The decision follows the week 6 mayhem", he said. "Samabula had no part with the assault and itís a shame that league took away our scheduled match against Navua".

"The league must be mindful of the fact that we're in running for the league title. We beat them and win the next game we clinch the championshipĒ.

The Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver suspended all week 7 matches following the week 6 assault on a referee's assistance by Tailevu Naitasirís Mohammed Imtiaz Khan.

Khan has since been handed a 3 year suspension and levied a $3000 bond. He is also facing criminal charges, he is expected to make his first court appearance in a few months.

Reddy said the league should see the importance of the match and reschedule it so a clear winner walks away with the title.

He added the way things are going on with the league, he wouldn't be surprised come next they'd be a league.

"People have had enough of the self centered and dictatorship run league. Itís way too much bureaucracy.

"The league needs to be fair across the slate not cherry pick one over the other".

Reddy said Tailevu Naitasiri has pulled out within the last week following the Mohammed Imtiaz Khan ruling and there will be more fallout in the near future.



+1 #1 Unfair 2015-07-01 01:25
FSLGV is much more like FIFA and FFA ...corrupted to the bone ...
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