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BCMSA BCMSA FANCA Canada held a coach’s expression of interest from individuals last weekend to fill positions for next year's FANCA tournament in Nadi.

The news is that the association has outlined the benchmark on which the appointments would be made.

The requirement calls for accredited coaching certificate, a first since the inception of FANCA Federation in 1997, the change has certainly ruffled some feathers among the job seekers.

For the record, the 9 tournaments Canada has participated none of the appointments were based on credentials, however during the Fiji Muslim Sports Association golden jubilee tournament in 1995 in Fiji, former Yugoslavian international Saibo Talic was named the head coach.

He was the only coach who had the Canadian license "A" and the UEFA license "B".

The appointment was made on the behest of late Azad Khan, the brainchild of FANCA Federation who was also team Canada’s technical director.

Years on, locals without the necessary qualifications were named as coaches and besides Talic, former Bosnian national team player Nihad Krupic was the other none Fijian to have coached the team.

It was under Nihad Canada won its very first FANCA premier championship as hosts at the Coquitlam Centre Stadium over New Zealand. The Canadians have since lost four finals, 1997 and 2012 to Fiji and 2006, 2010 to New Zealand.

The coaching contenders Sportsone spoke to believe the community is far-fetched when it comes to certified coaches and they (board) should not look to ahead in terms of professionalism as many are far from it themselves.

FANCA board is expected to name Premier and Masters team head coaches following the vetting process.




+1 #2 FANCA shame 2015-11-13 17:23
Who all in the BCMSA board have played soccer to make any professional suggestions..Elections first please.
+3 #1 Coach 2015-11-13 10:08
The problem rigged association needs to first call for leadership change.Kick out the dictator with new election.
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