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Anman blows steam at FSLGV

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Former manager of Navlesh MudliarFormer manager of Navlesh MudliarThe Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver need to up its etiquette says Anman Sanju, the former Fiji Saints Football Club manager.

Sanju's comments stemmed after the funeral services of Navlesh Mudliar (Sippa), the Flagstaff FC standout who passed away suddenly.

He criticized the league over what he termed as “total disrespect”.

"The least the league could have done was to send their condolence and a bouquet during the final rites ceremony", he said.

"It is disheartening to see that a player who contributed immensely to the sport got absolutely no respect from the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver.

"It's not always about money and how much but a simple thought".

What else had Sanju blow hot air is the fact that no league official was there to deliver the eulogy and bade the player goodbye.

"Tanoa FC, Flagstaff FC and the Fiji Saints were the only club's that had representatives present with flowers during the final rites ceremony a week today".

It was with Fiji Saints Navlesh made his debut at the age of 15. The charismatic player honed his skills along the way to become the player he was in the league.

"He was a great kid, unbelievable athlete, but more importantly just a great, great kid."

Sanju added that people need to celebrate Navlesh's life and not to look so much on the circumstances surrounding his death".


Attempts to get a comment from the FSLGV, president Nadraj Nair proved futile.




+4 #2 Heat 2016-03-28 14:49
Wicked as is FSLGV and flowers aside, THE cult league is ever short on aurora
+3 #1 Anman blows heat 2016-03-27 12:58
Well said Anman. FSLGV is all about savings towards their retirements
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