Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Standard of soccer locally labelled horrendous Standard of soccer locally labelled horrendous The standard of soccer in the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver is labelled as horrendous.

The fresh claim has again put the FSLGV under the scope and in the eyes of one former masters' player, the league didn’t score well.

Moinesh Raj said nothing seems to have changed over the years.


He said the sad reality of the fact is that standard of the game is on a wane and worst off; there is malice intent to inflict harm and injure players in the master’s league is still pretty rife.


“I walked away from the game some years back as age was catching up quick but I must say last weekend’s Nadi and Ba round 8 match at Bear Creek Park was anything but a soccer game,” Raj said.

“It appears both the teams were there to settle an old score.

“Bad hits, cheap shots and I’m surprised no one got sent off.

“This is the standard of soccer. I guess the match officials are content with the game being played in the name of Fijian soccer and their laxity has even made the sport even worse."

The former player said, star Ba Masters player Najem Zico was roughed up every time he had the possession of the ball and it was only matter of time the player was severely hurt.

Raj said Ba players did return the favour on the fly making it look like the fixture was more of a grudge match to secure second place on the leaders board than anything else.

He said the unsettling fact is that teams still maintain the idea of stalking a 'take out' on good players and this is very upsetting.

“The FSLGV needs to step up and curb what I would call the dirty tactics that have infiltrated the beautiful game. The master’s players are over the top in terms age and intent to injure could have serious implication on their livelihood”.

“The referees need to be at the top of their officiating as well. They must not hesitate to send players' off for deliberate hits and dangerous plays”, Raj said.

Raj added there have been some serious injuries sustained by players in both the Premier and the Masters league in the past and the suspensions and fines alone have not deterred savagery in the beautiful game.

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