Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Fiji name strong NC team

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Fiji nations cup coach, Ivor EvansFiji nations cup coach, Ivor EvansFiji nations cup coach Ivor Evans has named a strong team for this weekend’s Nations Cup in Richmond.

Speaking to Sportsone, the former football exponent said the best and the brightest made the cut for western Canada's single most premier soccer event.

Evans said with the level of competition so fierce, a mixture of both experience and youth will add depth to the team.

“Nations Cup is very competitive tournament”, said Evans. “I have named players who I believe will fare up against the tier one teams in all facets of the game”.

Evans is banking on midfielders, Javid Khan and Vince Naidu and goalkeeper Chris Singh to carry the team.

Fiji, who have never won the Nations Cup have included promising youngsters, Nasim Abdullah, Nikil Reddy and Kevin Raj for this year’s tournament.

Evans has complimented his experienced players for sticking with the team after years of anaemic run.

“We’ve a great bunch of guys. We need to look at the level of the competitions and say we’re doing well given the big nations we’re up against”.

“It’s just matter of time Fiji will be podium bound. Faith moves mountains”, quipped Evans.

Fiji starts its 2016 Nations Cup campaign against England at Hugh Boyd Oval at 7:45pm.

Fiji team: Kevin Raj, Alvin Naidu, Ryad Rashid, Vince Naidu, Nick Prasad, Javid Khan, Ryan Chandra, Pavan Singh, Yassin Essa, Raqim Amijee, Ashif Ismail Rocket, Rylan Sangha, Jordan Dylan, Nicholus Naidu, Joel Prasad, Abdullah Nasim, Desmond Krishna, Danny Sharma, Dane Sangha, Kamlesh Krishna (Bablu), Mohammed Zahid, Chris Singh and Nikhil Reddy.


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