Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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FANCA, all is not well

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FANCA year draws criticismFANCA year draws criticismIt's another FANCA year and ask anyone about the hopes and the response is anything but positive.

There is this belief that the perennial tournament has only weakened for Canada over the years and the sense of integrity of the founding fathers of the association is being compromised.

The scepticism about the sport’s governing body, the British Columbia Muslim Sports Association is at all time low.

The general feeling is BCMSA has lost its true representation and is unworthy to act as the sports supreme council for Fijians.

A poll conducted recently by this website reveals a staggering 80 percent feel the association has run out of ideas.

Majority of the pollsters say while other nations reap the many rewards in the way of various tournaments, Fijians are starved with what they labelled as intentional snub when it comes to the Inter District Championship and the Battle of Giants, the two historical tournaments.

The unanimous call is for the establishment of the Fiji Muslim wing of the association, one that would better serve the locals' sporting needs.

There is also an outcry for the two inactive tournaments timely resurrection.

Interestingly, out of the 80 percent, a good 60 percent when asked about the BCMSA argued any such organization exists.

The odd 20 percent view the association as incompetent and questioned its representation.

Shafeel Mohammed, who was recently approached by an associate of the BCMSA with the intent of selling tickets, said Fijians are seen as ‘money bags’ come FANCA.

“The BCMSA holds no respect for Fiji tournaments yet they sponge in the funds for FANCA from our community”, he said.

“Wouldn’t it be a fair take that the association look to other Muslim community for help.

“And besides, these very association wouldn’t say hello if they cross your path”.

Aziz Hussein joined the raucous band in condemning the ‘take us for a ride ‘attitude in the name of FANCA to raise funds.

The unimpressed many said the polarizing difference between the pioneers who built the BCMSA on sticks and struts and the new breed is the culture for love for power.

The power phenomena seems to only multiply by the year and the divisive is rife as it breeds by way of manipulation, while the public is made into believing everything is well, it is not on the outset.


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