Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Former Nadi rep, Iqbal Khan: File PhotoFormer Nadi rep, Iqbal Khan: File PhotoTwo out of Province Fijian footballers have been allowed to play in this year's Inter District Championship in August.

The inclusion, being the first in the history of the game almost immediately received reactions by last years' top two teams who feel the need is unnecessary.

Reigning IDC champions, Suva-manager Mohammed Janiff says he was unaware of policy change added the inclusion makes absolutely no sense.

“Suva didn’t support the inclusion", said Janiff. “We have players that we believe have the necessary talent and heart for the district and it's unwise to include outsiders for a weekend long event.”

Janiff said the foremost tournament should've been left for the locals to complete.

Nadi Football Association president Omar Khan said he is not a huge fan of the change, considering not all teams have the luxury to bring players at a sum or voluntarily for a two day tournament.

"IDC is for local players to showcase their unerring talent for their district of choice," Khan said. "Nadi will never support any such changes".

“There's no need for one. We have a pool of players capable of representing. We need to preserve the local history”.

A Rewa insider who wishes to remain anonymous told Sporstsone that the FSLGV mongered the inclusion before calling for district delegates votes.

He said Rewa off all districts was made aware of the impending change weeks earlier.

“Rewa was told of the policy change by a league official", he said.

The source said they were also advised to look for out of province players for this year’s IDC in August.

"The FSLGV put forward the motion during the IDC meeting and had delegates 'rubber stamp' the change".

Districts against the change abstained from voting, they felt there was absolutely no reason to allow out of province players in the local IDC tournament.

The districts will attest that a similar change backfired on FSLGV during last year's IDC, when out of province teams like Seattle and Calgary were included, they stood the league and left them with no choice but to draw up a fresh schedule on the eve of the kick-off.

FSLGV president Nadraj Nair was unavailable for comment when contacted today.


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