Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Fijians salute 7s gold medalist

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Fijians celebrate Fiji's Olympic goldFijians celebrate Fiji's Olympic goldWhile tens of thousands of flag waving fans formed a billowing blue mass in Suva to celebrate Fiji 7s Olympic gold medal win, locals heaped praises on the team.

The Surrey Fijians say the sea of blue certainly served the occasion and it accentuated with tumultuous hero’s welcome.

Surrey’s Isimeli Nava, who watched the live stream of the celebrations, said the flag bearing Fijians in their blue attire made for a historic event never seen before.

“Fijians came to celebrate the countries first ever Olympic gold medal win”, he said from the comforts of his couch.

“The fanfare just goes to show how much the sport means to Fijians.

“Rugby is the sport in the country and the Olympic gold means a world to a small island nation”.

Reetesh Chand of Central Surrey said it was an awesome feeling to see thousands from a chain link to show their unerring adulation to the very men who have won the country their first ever Olympic gold and also etched themselves into history.

Chand said pure patriotism was on the roll-out as people of all ethnicity made the largest backdrop of cheering fans at the ANZ stadium.

“Fijians from all walks of life tendered their appreciation to the Fiji 7s players and the coaching staff”.

“Fijians sang and danced to the tune and acknowledgments.

“The sight ballooned my heart”, said Chand.

Newton resident, Anil Kumar applauded Fiji Government for declaring a public holiday to mark the occasion.

“Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s government has upped its popularity for pledging the $30, 000 each to winning players and officials and following it through”.

“Great gesture on the part of the government”, he said.

Kumar said the decision to recognize revered coach Ben Ryan with the Companion of order of Fiji must be championed by all Fijians world over.

He was also pleased that the adored players were made the officers of the Order of Fiji.

The Surrey-rites are however; disappointed that coach Ben Ryan is parting separate ways to explore other avenues.

“It’s sad to see Ben Ryan go”, the fervent Fiji 7s fans said.


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