Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Tanoa wins NAFSA CAN-AM

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Real Tanoa winS NAFSA/CAN-AMReal Tanoa winS NAFSA/CAN-AMReal Tanoa won the inaugural NAFSA- CAN-AM soccer tournament in the United States last weekend.


The 2016 Premier League and Knockout Champions beat Fiji Islanders (USA) 5-3 in a scintillating final after conceding an early 30 second goal at the start of the match.


Tanoa leapfrogged with a coordinated strategy at the 80th minute mark to score a brace and thwart the looming over-time as both the teams were locked 3-3 in a sea-saw of the fixture.


Milad Rahmati broke the dead-lock and following the suite was Robbie Giezan, who scored on a late penalty kick.

The high energy churning affair drew plaudits from Tanoa president Salesh (Sy) Mishra who praised his side’s stellar performance during the final game and throughout the tournament.

Mishra told Sportsone, Tanoa was the team to beat and with talent array, he never second guessed his team losing the inaugural championship.

“Everyone contributed throughout the tournament”, Mishra said.

“We were the team to beat”.

He said NAFSA CAN-AM win was extra special as Tanoa had completed a successful treble trophy haul for the 2016 football season.

"The same way we won the league and knockout championship, it was the very form that have us win us this tournament - Tanoa grind".

The standard of the competition and match officials received Mishra’s praise.

“The tournament was very competitive, Modesto, Seattle All Stars and San Mateo had finals ready teams, and there was very little that separated these teams".

“The games were very intense and of high standard.

“Referees were the best we’ve ever had. Very good and very professional who were not intimidated, they were excellent”.


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