Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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FANCA age group call-upFANCA age group call-upFANCA Canada has called up all interested players for Veterans and Masters teamsí training.

With the FANCA Muslim soccer slated for next month in Fiji, the association has declared the remaining 3 weeks towards training and polishing the team.

Now that the on and off again Masters over 35 team has reaffirmed their participation, Canada will have a three team contingent, the premier and the two age group teams† for October 12th-16th tournament at Nadi's Prince Charles Park.†

Sportsone understands that the Veteran over 40s division has the option of utilizing the Masters over 35s players for dual representations.

The exception is for the 40 year old players only.

There seemed some argument on the part of the 35s players on the double signing but the rule was made clear by the governance during last Sundayís training.

The Masters 35s felt the self-paying players were not obliged to play for both the divisions, they also raised concern that double signing could also conflict with the respective schedules.

FANCA Canada clarified that it was all about a 'scene of duty' and the respect to team Canada more than anything else.

It is unclear if FANCA Canada would seek staggered games to avoid the collision.

Canada over 42s has the best chance of winning the three division championship.

The side has won the back to back championships (2012-2014).

Canada Masters 35s havenít won a championship since the inception of the division in the FANCA Muslim soccer tournament.

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