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Canada's Milad RahamatiCanada's Milad RahamatiFANCA team Canada coach Mohammed Janiff's wild swipe at the fans and media has left many up in arms.

In a live Facebook triad, Janiff lashed out at the fans and Sportsone following the teams' triumphant win in the FANCA Muslim soccer tournament and labelled the two for being critics of the team.

“There's a lot of haters back home and Sportsone, you”, Janiff said.

“These are my boys, Combine players”.

His two sons, Nadim and Zain Mohammed and team captain Irshad Ahmed, who happens to be Janiff's son- in law joined in ridiculing the media.

One of his son's called out the reporter by name and added 'put this one on'.

Co- coach, Shaheed Sahib also vented his displeasure by labelling the fans and Sportsone as 'uneducated'.

Aseem Hussein, who has been following both amateur and professional sports for over four decades, said he was shocked with the footage.

“I haven’t heard a winning coach or managers take a swing on the fans let alone targeting media, added they're just doing their job”.

‘If you had asked the fans of the team's chances of winning the championship ahead of Fiji games, I'm sure you would've got a negative response and people have the right to their opinion.

"We live in a country that allows the freedom of speech. The charter of right backs it. The public can express their views not only about sports but about any situation and that's the beauty about a civil Canada".

Surrey's Munif Mohammed shared similar views, said he was left in awe with the hateful comments directed at the fans and media.

"How sad it is to hear from coaches’ scoop so low and the team captain make-expletive statement in i- taukei language (Na sona) to Sportsone meaning ‘ass’.

Munif said the team had moments on won the championship and instead of embracing the fans and using media to spread their new found fame, the far and few turned their celebrations into a personal attack.

“Major local newspapers, like the Vancouver Province and Vancouver Sun, bloggers and many sports radio talk shows go to lengths to expose both the success and failures of the professional football and hockey teams but I've not read, heard or seen on TV, the people in power vent their anger after the championship win. It's a first”.

Sportsone web- editor, Riten Gosai said the comments were unprofessional for the fact that the team had just won its FANCA championship on Fijian soil after 15 long years and Mohammed led rant tarnished the reputation of the team.

“We at Sportsone are all about parity", said Gosai.

Gosai said it appears Janiff just shifted all attention from the team winning the tournament to something he personally had been malevolently seething even before the championship kick-started.


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