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FANCA coach wrong: Adrakar

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Tanoa FC, manager Praveen AdrakarTanoa FC, manager Praveen AdrakarTanoa FC manager Praveen Adrakar says the claim that FANCA team Canada was made up of just Combine FC players is untrue.

The TFC mentor got on the offensive while responding to the unscrupulous admission by team Canada coach Mohammed Janiff via a Facebook live following the side’s FANCA win in Fiji last Sunday.

"We need to set the record straight here that Tanoa marquees', Rizal Janif, Milad and Milad Rahmati were also part of the 2016 winning team".

"Team Canada coach Mohammed Janiff got it all wrong. The team was not at all made up of Combine players. That is untrue.

"Three of our finest were in the team. We're happy for them and the entire team Canada".

Adrakar said the coaches’ message is certainly misleading as he didn't score well with other clubs that were represented.

"All the clubs, if anything deserve a special mention", he said.

Adrakar said the victory is for Canadians to celebrate, without the ownership of individual players who play club football for different teams but represented a nation during the FANCA Muslim soccer tournament in Fiji.


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