Canada claims the Legends Division of the FANCA Muslim Silver Jubilee tournament with a 4-3 shootout win against Australia at the Prince Charles Park in Nadi, Fiji : FANCA photo

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Team Canada: photo: FBTeam Canada: photo: FBNow that Canada has won its very first FANCA championship outside of Canada, the fans must be made known of the very men who made it all happen.

It's them that deserve most plaudits more than anybody else and we at Sportsone feel the accolades must be bestowed in orderly manner.

Mohammed Shameem is up first as his financed trip reaped British Columbia Muslim Sports Association the handsome reward.

The Coquitlam, businessman put his money where his mouth was, and did the players ever return the favour by way of winning the 2016 FANCA games, the man certainly draws an insurmountable praise.

He stepped in when the BCMSA’s FANCA wing was facing financial crises and isn’t it habitual for the association come the perennial tournament.

Like the old cliché, the greater the power seeks, the less successful an organization, the acclaim fits the association’s profile.

The swirling rumor if you will at the time was the ‘money man’ was buying himself a leading position, the nay says' felt the association was put on the sword and it was not about to be undersold.

But when all hope of raising sizable funds failed, the BCMSA looked no further than Shameem whose timely intervention made the tour only so possible.

Shameem didn’t only deserve to be a team director but the exchange warranted association’s top portfolio.

Now with the championship win, that thought is not even an argument.

The players are second on the praise chain, obviously without them the sponsor wouldn't have had a glimpse of the title he so drooled.

The ever so determined bunch rose up to the occasion to pay the said; with the worthy silverware that only Shameem's money could buy.

The hand-picked players sheer athleticism and commradrie to fight back was second to none on the tour, let’s be mindful of the fact the team did struggled with double draws, to Fiji and New Zealand on Day 1 and Day 2 of competition losing to Australia 2-1 and the 8-1 drubbing of USA.

The boys however, found the niche by the luck of the draw via a playoff against Fiji only to obliterate them, 4-1.

The hosts with a host of district representatives were schooled by the Canadians and besides the performance that called on Fiji football standards, in a bizarre turn of events, FANCA tournament was hit with the worst of the match fixing claim by the team Fiji coach Javed Ahamed.

And if you think that was the only claim, then USA’s 8-1 loss to Canada by all accounts had the hallmarks of yet another match rigging, admitted team Fiji coach and the sports best minds.

Then, it’s the two no name brand and less know- how coaches' who made themselves a name without much football knowledge.

The only praise they deserve minus the tactical and technical lace is for rounding up some of the best players from various clubs and if anything instilling the fitness in the core.

Know, one may ask about the latter statement but with absolute parity, when a team has quality players like the ones that draped in the red attire, coaches didn’t really had to do much but to leave it to the wilful potential of the players.

The novices ‘should only credit the players for winning them their football careers’ single biggest championship without any coaching credentials.

It must be made clear that Mohammed Janif’s lengthy Facebook triad on fans and media and the claim the team Combine FC, represented during the FANCA games holds no merit, he has only stirred up chaos and raised a level of ill felling among the fervent and media.

His comments were plain ignorance or a deliberate ploy to distort the truth and mislead people for cheap fame.

Last but not least, the many travelling fans and the locals for believing in the team.

The sad reality of the fact is that the very faith-full’s whose pretty penny helped the BCMSA fundraiser received the short end of the stick, when they were labelled as critics during the post championship rant captured on Facebook live that went viral.


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