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Canada loses Veterans final

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Canada Masters: FFACanada Masters: FFACanada Masters dream run at the International Veterans Tournament all but ended following their 2-0 loss to Sydney Ba at Prince Charles Park in Nadi.

Canada with Patrick Wise, Marika Namaqa, Sakeo Valevou, Mun Reddy, Ronald Chudhary and Kartik Kumar were outplayed with the likes of Shailendra Nair, Valerio Nasema, Joji Rasila, Josefata Malakai and Arif Azam.

Nair scored in the 16th minute via a penalty while Rohitendra Sharma added his sides' second goal minutes away from full-time.

The debutants though left a mark for style, guile and sportsmanship during the 5 day football fiesta.

Canada topped it's pool after having featured only once in the pool games and as reported, other teams in the pool opted out. The single pool win was against NZ Tavua, 3-1 on Day 3 of the competitions.

Leading up to the grandeur final, Canada beat Lautoka Veterans 2-0 in the cup quarter finals before sending Ba Legends away packing with a 1-0 win in the semi-final.

The team was unable to overcome a determined Sydney Ba for the championship match.

This is only the third time a Canadian team has participated in the FFA tournament, the first two was All-Stars tour for the Fiji Cup under Fiji Football Association of British Columbia.

The value of the name change to Pacific Cup found New Zealand as its new home for the first two years' (2012-2013), Australia (2014), New Zealand (2015) and Fiji, (2016).

The overseas foothold has changed the sports landscape.

It has been good for visibility, it's good for marketing, it's good for promotion of the sport and it's good for the image big time, it may not be the same if Fiji plays the host in the foreseeable future.

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