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FSLGV fb chaosFSLGV fb chaosHordes of footballing fans have reacted against the FSLGV social media claim that Mohammed Janif coached Suva side won the 2015 Inter District Championship.

The parity seeks, say FSLGV Facebook administrator and secretary Irshad Khan stirred up the confusion by incorrectly naming Janif in his post.

They told Sportsone that Chandar Dip Singh (Macho) had in fact steered Suva to victory and that he deserves a special mention.

The post drew insurmountable criticism on the weekend and instead of a retraction, the secretary engaged into a lengthy war of words only to ban them form the page altogether.

"I found the post flawed and contradictory at the same time.

"Flawed for lack of facts and contradictory as the very same writer had acknowledged Chandar Dip Singh (Macho) in his August, 13, 2015 post", said a banned Facebook fan,who wishes to remain anonymous.

"I messaged the administrator highlighting the discrepancy and the ensuing message read.

"We haven't received any confirmation yet from the secretary as in contrast to the contents of both the articles. The administrator of this page will get clarification by Sunday afternoon".

"Please refrain from putting any controversial subjects on this page other then related topics. Otherwise, you will be banned from this page. The clarification will be given by tomorrow, so wait till then. Thanks".

Another subscriber who was banned for speaking out, said the huge controversy is that the administrator was himself the secretary and the author who misled many into believing someone other then him was answerable to concerns.

"This is total misrepresentation on the part of an elected official. I'm glad at-least the who's who of the FSLGV Facebook is exposed".

He said people who hold public office must understand that no one owns the public entity or is above the law.

Attempts to get a comment from FSLGV president Nadraj Nair proved futile.



+6 #1 Shame 2016-12-16 15:07
FSLGV is better off without this man,he has been exposed in the worst of forms.Embarrassment for someone who acts like the jack of all trade but is actually master of none
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